Q: Which mask should I buy, PS-N95 or SHG-95?
A: PS-N95 is meant for healthcare workers and other frontline workers like police, emergency responders for whom coming in closer contact with a Covid-19 patient is difficult to avoid.

For everyone else, we strongly recommend SHG-95 as it is tested for higher than 95% particulate and 99% bacterial filtration. With this filtration efficiency, SHG-95 already delivers much higher performance than the 80% efficiency of a surgical mask doctors conventionally wear.

Q: What is an PFE N95+ mask?

A: The name PFE N95 signifies that the mask blocks  95% of particulate matter larger than 0.3 microns like dusts, mists and fumes, and more than 99% of bacteria. These features make them most suitable for frontline workers like doctors, nurses, other healthcare providers, police, and many essential workers. Today, due to the short supply N95 masks are reserved only for the frontline workers most at risk of getting infected with coronavirus. With innovations like the one by Billion Social Masks, we can afford to extend N95-like safety to everyone.

A Billion Social Mask is not only tested for particulate filtration of more than 95% and bacterial filtration more than 99%; its use of cotton provides greater breathability and comfort in hot and humid climate. 

Q: Have you tested these masks?

A:These masks have been extensively tested as per ASTM 2010 for BFE, ASTM 2299 for PFE, IS 16289 for Differential Pressure, and ASTM 1862 for splash resistance. 

Q: Will you allow orders less than 100 SHG-95 masks?

A: Buying 100 masks creates one day of productivity and livelihood for a member of the Self Help Groups we work with. For special circumstances related to smaller orders, please Contact Us 

Q: Will you allow orders less than 100 PS-N95 masks?

A: Presently we do not. For special circumstances, please Contact Us 

Q: What is the mask made out of?

A: Cotton and non-woven filter material.

Q: How should I wash the SHG-95 mask?

A: 1. Soak in warm water with hand washing soap 2. Rinse in fresh water 3. Drip dry. We recommend limiting the use of the mask for up to 10 uses. 

Q: Where do you make these masks?

A: We make these masks in multiple locations for e.g. Ahmedabad, Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad.

Q: How do I support Billion Social Masks?

A: You can support it by buying masks, supporting our non-profit partners directly or by spreading the word.

Q: I am interested in CSR. How can I reach out?

A: Please email us at billionsocial.org@gmail.com

Q: Do you ship worldwide?

A: Not yet.

Q: Where all do you supply?

A: We will be able to supply to all major around India, subject to prevailing rules, regulations and restrictions. This will be evaluated in a discussion once your order is placed.